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Fairy Spirit

While our wings are likely the more unusual section of our studio, it is also the one that rings more true to our spirit and creative abilities. Fairy Spirit offer us a place and way to create truly unique pieces of art that also have a function. They offer us a way to play while doing what we love, and they offer great opportunities to take our art out into the public with fairs and shows. We have a true passion for all things fae (especially the fire element) and we hope it shows with our work.

We offer artistically designed wings that will bring any costume to completion and make it a true work of art. Each design is unique from any other. We can mimic popular fairy art, match an outfit, or simply just make something out of thin air, the choices are limited only to the imagination. Wings are great for Renaissance fairs, Halloween costumes, pretend play, dance clubs, photo shoots or for art decoration to complete your room.

Along with Fairy, pixie, bat and dragon wings, we also offer other fun fairy things such as dragon eggs with baby dragons inside, fairy eggs, fairy houses, costumes and much more. We hope you will browse our products and let us know what you think!

Tin Owl Photography

Tin Owl Photography is the professional fusion of photographers Leanne and Adam Pyle, united by marriage and occupation. Leanne was attending the University of Oklahoma, three years into a Photography degree, when she realized she had gleaned all she could from the classroom. She left her school books behind and dedicated her time to raising her children. With assignments in her wake, she found that she couldn’t drop the discipline. She had an itchy shutter-release finger. Leanne’s casual pictures began to garner attention from models and brides-to-be, all seeking someone to capture them at their best. Leanne tapped into a wellspring of clients. She honed her craft by shooting portraits, weddings, events, and by freezing the movements of her kinetically gifted kids. Early clients asserted that her mastery of aperture was undeniable, her calling apparent.

Fueled by her gusto, Adam took up the lens, too. He familiarized himself with photography’s mechanics, theories, and pitfalls. Once it shifted from hobby to second nature, the couple decided to channel their combined energy into the construction of a more complete client roster. This new coalition resulted in a more diverse and robust portfolio.

Shortly after joining forces, Leanne and Adam moved the family to Dallas, Texas, where they focused on growing the business and integrating it with their flourishing family. Their shared enthusiasm for the profession makes the work effortless, and their love for the job is eclipsed only by the love for their kids and each other.

If seen on the street, the couple will likely be clutching a trusted camera from their arsenal, a few studio lights, and the hands of their children. Don’t be alarmed in they’re taking your picture. It’s a full-time job.

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